Do you want to join the LLT Team?


Thank you for your interest in joining the LLT team. Before you continue with your application please read the following information about

tut_assess_me us to better help you decide if we are the right organisation for you.


At the moment we are ONLY looking for PSI Theory tutors.



  • LLT are made up of a small team of specialist tutors located around the UK, and a rural office in Killin, Perthshire. With this team we have now delivered training to over 9000 people over 13 years!
  • All of the tutor team are registered self employed with HMRC and responsible for their own self-assessment tax returns.
  • LLT cannot offer full or part time employment; all work is on an adhoc basis to meet demand.
  • All LLT tutors/assessors are paid the same (rates of pay are not negotiable).
  • Applicants invited to take up LLTs phased in-house tutor training are not guaranteed to be offered tutoring contracts
  • As an organisation we are always aiming to meet the needs of our hosts, so we need a team that can be flexible and reliable with availability. We require weekend and weekday availability on occasions.
  • In order to tutor on our courses you must first hold the LLT qualification for that course. LLT will not fund any courses for applicants requiring to complete an LLT qualification.
  • As an LLT tutor you will be required to work unsociable hours for travel/and occasional team skype meetings.
  • Travel time to deliver courses is not paid.
  • LLT deliver courses through blended learning approaches (e-learning and face to face). Supporting learners/candidates on the LLT e-learning portal is a requirement of the role. As a self employed person you are required to have appropriate IT hardware and software to meet this need.


We want you to be clear about all these things before you proceed. The LLT tutor team are a very loyal and committed bunch, when people join the team, they rarely want to leave! This we hope is testimony to all the good things about working with us.


tut_assess_sheenaSo if after reading this you are still interested in joining the LLT team, we now want to hear a little bit about you.

Video a maximum 2 minute video of you describing ONE success story of a participant/patient you have worked with. Present your information verbally, with no additional resources or aids please. Tell us specifically why you feel there was such a successful outcome.


Once you have created your video, please email the LLT office and say you want to upload a video to show interest in being part of the LLT Tutor Team. They will send you an invite to a DropBox folder where you can upload your video for us to view. At this point we only want your email address and phone number. If we like your video and enthusiasm we will email you back within 2 weeks asking for your CV and personal statement. Please do NOT send this information until asked. But to help you get ready, here are the important things you need to know about what we want from you 🙂


ESSENTIAL Criteria for PSI Theory Tutors:

  • Practicing physiotherapist in NHS or private setting, with NHS experience
  • Holds PSI qualification and has experience with its application
  • Active Member of AGILE (attend study days)
  • Excellent physiology knowledge pertaining to ageing, age related changes in the following systems: CV, pulmonary, nervous, endocrine, muscle, bone and joints.
  • Understanding of motivational strategies for encouraging older people to get more active and adhere to exercise
  • Familiar and up date with falls research, strategies and associated policy
  • Skills to teach/lecture a group of up to 16 learners (mixed professions) with interactive approaches
  • Effective communicator able to engage and motivate a group of learners of all professions/experiences
  • Has worked extensively with frailer older people in group setting with FaME programme
  • Has access to reliable PC/Mac for Internet and Skype
  • Has reasonable availability to travel around the UK with own car/valid driving license, or public transport where possible
  • Currently registered self employed or willing to be